Synopsis: Vincent, police inspector, has been on the traces of a sadistic killer psychopath for more than 5 years. It is called “the foreigner”. He sounds at various people under pretext of use their fixed telephone and, once inside the house, he massacres his occupants with blows of machete.

Genre: Thriller / Horror.

Presentation of the project in a few words:

The Stranger is a project of movie film, written by Fabien Grare who plunges us in a small thriller to old, without claim, with a dark and horrific environment.

It will be directed by Fabien Grare and will be turned exclusively in region PACA.

Note of intention & Inspiration:


The synopsis leaves you little information as for the history that in order to preserve all the magic which surrounds it, but the project does not want to concentrate or justify the personality of the killer. Indeed, one directs oneself more towards fright and the fear to maintain a tension throughout the film and to give cold sweats to which will dare to look at this film.

The project plunges us directly in an environment glaucous and distressing. A true descent in hell…

The film "Hitcher" (1986) of Robert Harmon had a great influence on the idea general of the scenario, the whole mixed with an atmosphere very “carpentienne”, heavy, cold and very 90s.

For what will be used lefinancement?

Although our love for the cinema is unconditional and unbounded, our budget, is to him a little more…

The Stranger wants to be to be a professional feature film and which says professional said wages and more important technical means: more realistic make-up, a post-production more worked (like a sound mixing into 5.1/Doubling), etc.

F. Productions finances most of the film, especially in material contribution. But so that the turning of the film is one good moment for the team and the actors, a certain comfort is essential. It is the same for the voluntary ones: they should not miss anything with regard to drinks, the meals and other attentions which can help them to feel as well as possible.

The project is at least reduced of its budget, because I believe sincerely that one can make a good film with little means if one puts at it all our serious, our will and our heart. Of course, the money which will exceed the initial budget will allow us a greater freedom of creation, and thus to propose a film even more successful to you!

Here an outline of the financing of the film:

We always expect an answer of the CNC and we are always in search of a diffuser.

We will not reach that point without your support, for this reason as in love with the cinema, we call on your support to concretize this project.



The project is in search of financing, or partnership.


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