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Synopsis: A gang is made call “Unit SS” and return justice to their way. A team of cameraman follow them more on this famous unit.

Genre: Thriller / Action

Presentation of the project in a few words:


Unit SS is a project of short-film, writing and which will be directed by Fabien Grare.

A very black independent whodunnit and very vintage. This project will be very polemical, sensitive souls to abstain from.

The project will be turned exclusively in region PACA.

Note of intention & Inspiration:


The project has as a subject principal the impotence of justice and measurements radical which one avoids taking. The film asks essential questions.

Unit SS will be in a spirit close to “The Star Chamber” of Peter Hyams and a touch of the film "Death Wish" of Michael Winner.

The project is very dared and the atmosphere will be rather violent, filthy…

For what will be used the financing?

The financing will be used in major part with the FX make-up, the costumes and the decoration which are critical components to create environment and desired esthetics.

Also, your participation will help us to defray and nourish the team of the film, and to rent more adequate equipment to accentuate the desired atmosphere.

The project is at least reduced of its budget, but wants to be to be a professional series above all.

F. Productions finances most of the film, especially in material contribution. But so that turning is one good moment for the team and the actors, a certain comfort is essential. It is the same for the voluntary ones: they should not miss anything with regard to drinks, the meals and other attentions which can help them to feel as well as possible.

We will not reach that point without your support, for this reason as in love with the cinema, we call on your support to concretize this project.



The project is in search of financing, or partnership.


If you wish to contribute to the project, I invite you to click on “contributing”.


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