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Synopsis: With his alarm clock, a man discovers mysterious change with his body. There remain to him nothing any more but a few days before its change supplements… But what he is unaware of it is that an insane scientist is with his research.

Genre: Fantastic / Drama

Presentation of the project in a few words:


Mutation is a project of short-film, writing and which will be directed by Fabien Grare.

What would it occur if a living organism took possession of your body? It is not a film of horror, it is especially a film completely mild nutter, oscillating between fantastic and comedy and drama.

The project will be turned exclusively in region PACA.

Note of intention & Inspiration:


The project explores the metamorphosis, but it is also a beautiful reflection on the life and death. All that in a universe shifted and bewitching in extreme cases of the fairy-like one.

Mutation will be in a spirit of "the Fly" of the director David Cronenberg while releasing a certain poetry of the history.

This film will combine a certain nonsense and tenderness.

For what will be used the financing?


The largest financing will be used in major part for the FX make-up, at least 60% of budget. Like for the digital effects. It is a project which requires much of works in special make-up and effects.

Also, your participation will help us to defray and nourish the team of the film, and to rent more adequate equipment to accentuate the desired atmosphere.

The project is at least reduced of its budget, but wants to be to be a professional series above all.

F. Productions finances most of the film, especially in material contribution. But so that turning is one good moment for the team and the actors, a certain comfort is essential. It is the same for the voluntary ones: they should not miss anything with regard to drinks, the meals and other attentions which can help them to feel as well as possible.

We will not reach that point without your support, for this reason as in love with the cinema, we call on your support to concretize this project.



The project is in search of financing, or partnership.


If you wish to contribute to the project, I invite you to click on “contributing”.


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